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I got involved with Vend Raleigh before I officially launched my business, and I’m so glad I did! The women I’ve connected with have been amazingly supportive and have given me great advice on topics ranging from new products to fixing my blog! This group of mompreneurs is anything but competitive, which is evident by the customer referrals we give to one another, as well as the encouragement we receive from the group. I credit much of my business success to the networking made possibly by Vend Raleigh!Jessica Throneburg, Little Details

Vend Raleigh is a unique professional group for Raleigh small business women, specifically Mompreneurs. We value the Mom and Entrepreneur. Vend Raleigh is all about collaboration, not competition. If you are new to Vend Raleigh, expect a warm welcome to any event.

No matter where you are in your business, haven’t started, just started, or years in, Vend Raleigh is sure to be a valuable resource for your business growth and to connect you to a community of supportive business leaders- over 3,000 strong!

We are glad you are here!

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Founder of Vend Raleigh

Cary Heise

Meet Cary. As the founder of four companies, devoted wife, mom of two, and committed volunteer, she’s kind of busy – but in the best way. Cary is passionate about helping women succeed in both their personal and professional lives.
Cary’s first two companies, a guide to family-friendly events in Raleigh and a branded T-shirt line, equipped her well to lead women seeking small business success. An eagerness to develop community, mentor women and create relevant, personal connections inspired her to found Vend Raleigh in 2011.
As Vend Raleigh expands, Cary will continue to foster the welcoming, warm, diverse environment that attracts more than 3,000 individuals and business partners to Vend Raleigh.


I love how Cary with Vend Raleigh brings women business owners together. The networking events are a great way to meet like minded entrepreneurs who are looking for new and exciting ways to grow their business. Cary really walks the walk and personally takes a part in helping each business leader the best way she can. She has made it a place for collaboration instead of competition and the support is amazing!Gaye Esser, Redefine Balance
Vend Raleigh is such a wealth of knowledge, I’m honored to have the opportunity to be included with this amazing group of business leaders!Jessica Hipp, Jessica Hipp Designs