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Is your website your best employee?

Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Your customer has limited time, keep her from “switching away” to another competing priority.

Use strategic design thinking in your emails, social media posts and web pages to get what you want from your customer. You’ll learn how to make strategic calls to action using current trends in design and marketing wherever you interact with your customers.

Effective = Scannable + Easy to Act

This 23 min session will help you capture your customer’s attention by using the right font for your business, headers, links, white space, and bullets to create a pathway for your clients.

Online session; $29, and $24 for Vend Raleigh Directory Members (Code sent by email.)

Register below for this Vend Raleigh Online Classroom session and we’ll email you a link to the video. You’ll have 4 weeks to access the tutorial. 

Raleigh Websites Belinda BriggsPresented by Belinda Lee Briggs Web Design

Belinda is a web designer who helps businesses navigate the confusing world of digital marketing.  She believes your digital resources, primarily your website and newsletter, should perform as valued employees, working together to collect leads, share your service offerings and establish you as the go-to expert in your field. It’s all about the strategy and she’s ready to help you develop yours.



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  • Price: $29.00

Cary Heise

Founder and Owner at Vend Raleigh
As the founder of four companies, devoted wife, mom of two, and committed volunteer, she’s kind of busy – but in the best way. Cary is passionate about helping women succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

As Vend Raleigh expands, Cary will continue to foster the welcoming, warm, diverse environment that attracts more than 3,000 individuals and business partners to Vend Raleigh.
Cary Heise

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